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Products and Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The company has a number of established regional agencies for reputable makes and models of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

It is also a distributor and provides a full and comprehensive range of PPE’s for the Petrochemical Industry.

Head, Eyes & Ears Protection
Hard Hat and added accessories
(Face Shield/Ear Muffs)
Ear Muffs (Helmet mounted and stand-alone)Ear Muffs with Intercom
Safety GogglesSafety Glasses (Non Prescription)Ear Plugs
Foot Protection
Provide safety shoes and boots for all types of work purpose
Fall Protection
We provide a wide array of products and safety systems, including fall protection, work
positioning, restraint and rescue systems. Each product, whether it's a full body harness or
netting system, is tested to ensure that it provides a full level of protection.
Respiratory Equipment
Standard 2-Strap Disposable RespiratorAdjustable Strap Disposable RespiratorRe-useable Respirator
Bitrex Fit Test Kit
Our BITREX® Fit Test Kit complies with OSHA standards for qualitative fit testing and includes everything needed to perform fit testing on all Moldex® respirators
Hand Protection
Body Protection - Fire Retardant/Retardant Coveralls (FRCs)
The FRCs are manufactured in Malaysia to the International Standards (NFPA 2112, EN531, EN532, EN533 & EN373). The FRCs are available in many colours and designed to suit individual clients.
Current off-the-shelf suits available:
  • 1-piece Nomex 111A Springfield USA (150 gram, Plain Weave); Dupont, Standards: NFPA 2112
  • 1-piece Nomex 111A Springfield USA (220 gram, Plain Weave); Dupont, Standards: NFPA 2112
  • 2-piece Nomex 111A Springfield USA (150 gram, Plain Weave); Dupont, Standards: NFPA 2112
  • 2-piece Nomex 111A Springfield USA (220 gram, Plain Weave); Dupont, Standards: NFPA 2112
  • 1-piece Pyrovatex CP New Huntsman India (220 gram, Treated cotton fabric); Standards: EN531, EN532, EN533 & EN373
  • 2-piece Pyrovatex Police FRU Field Suit (220 gram Treated Fabric); Standards: EN531, EN532, EN533 & EN373
General Protective Clothings
This garment provides the best balance of protection, durability and comfort.
  • Greater range of movement while stretching and bending.
  • Improved mobility
  • There is also more room throughout the back
  • More tailored fit and better overall comfort
  • Reinforcement in high stress areas for few blowouts
  • In addition, Tyvek® offers:
  • An inherent barrier - not a laminate that can be easily scratched or compromised
  • Complete range of protective garment styles
  • Lightweight, low-linting and anti-static
  • Applications: agriculture, food processing, medical applications for use as modesty garments, fiberglass manufacturing, spray painting / finishing operations, lead abatement, asbestos abatement, mold remediation, and other applications involving dry chemicals, dirt and radioactive dust
Proshield® NexGen®
  • A composite of breathable film and nonwoven fabric
  • Lightweight and soft, yet strong, whether wet or dry
  • Anti-static treated
  • Mid-level barrier protection against non-hazardous particles, non-hazardous light liquid splash and non-hazardous aerosols
  • Color: White
  • Seams: Serged, Bound or NSR® (thermally welded)
  • Applications: agricultural chemical mixing and applications, chemical processing and handling
  • This suit comes from the widest range of affordable totally encapsulating suits to be used for training.
  • For use as secondary FR protection to be worn over primary thermal protective garments
  • Resists nuisance contamination of primary thermal protective garments from solids and non-toxic liquids
  • Limited-use, cost-efficient garments to protect and preserve the investment in primary reusable FR garments
  • Color: Light Blue
  • Seams: Serged
  • Applications: steel mills, coal mines, maintenance work, refineries, laboratories, utilities, etc.
Chemical Protective Clothing
Tychem® QC
  • Quality Coated with polyethylene.
  • Protection for minor chemical spills where there is potential for mist or light splash.
  • Bright color provides contrast across a wide range of natural backgrounds for high visibility in the workplace.
  • Different colors fulfill need for either high or low visibility garment.
  • Lightweight fabric that is durable and resistant to tear and abrasion
  • Seams: Serged, Bound or Taped.
  • Applications: petroleum refining, pulp and paper mills, food processing, chemical processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and general durable and non-durable goods manufacturing.
  • Commonly used in petro-chemical plants for protection from hydrofluoric acid, 48% and sulfuric acid. Also used at paper processing facilities for protection from black, green and white
Drug Test Kits
For Drug-of-Abuse Screening Multi-Drug Test-Kits
Drug Test KitDrug Test Kit
Rapid Drug Screen-Cup Test Kits
Urine tests kits for the detection of all of the following drugs found in Malaysia:
Group 1 - Opiates, Morphine, Heroin
Group 2 - Ganja, Marijuana, THC
Group 3 - Methamphetamine (Estacy)
Group 4 - Amphetamine
Fire Rescue Equipment & Fire Extinguishers
Breathing Apparatus
Fire Rescue & Fire Extinguishers
Winches, Hoist & Ladders
Fire Rescue & Fire Extinguishers
Integrated Group Communication Unit
The ‘Enhanced Mass Decon Kit’ provides first responders, hospital triage and security personnel with a two-way voice communications system used to manage large crowds and conduct a mass decontamination. Level A, B & C suits restrict voice commands.
The Enhanced Mass Decon Kit is equipped with push-to-talk radio/ voice amplifiers, stand alone voice amplifiers, push-to-talk radio accessories, as well as a Voice Intercom System (Power Talk Box – hot link to products page) that can be deployed anywhere to effectively communicate and manage small to large crowds. Hospital personnel equipped with voice amplifiers can calmly assess and communicate with patients. When combined with a bull horn, first responders can address large crowds, manage security and maintain calm and order.
All our equipment is waterproof and can be decontaminated
Fire Rescue & Fire Extinguishers
Hazardous Material (HazMat) Protective Clothings
Fire Rescue & Fire ExtinguishersTychem® TK
  • Made from a high strength nonwoven with non-halogenated films on either side.
  • Specifically developed for protection against toxic, corrosive gases, liquids and solid chemicals.
  • Tested against more than 280 chemicals. More than 260 of these with no observed permeation after eight hours of continuous contact.
  • Vapor-protective NFPA 1994, 2007 Class 2 garments available in TK612 and TK613
  • Color: High-Visibility Lime Yellow
  • Seams: Taped or Double Taped
  • Applications: emergency hazmat teams, chemical handling, petrochemical industry, hazardous materials/waste cleanup
Fire Rescue & Fire ExtinguishersTychem® EX (Level-A HazMat Suit)
  • Fully encapsulating, rear entry, with one exhaust valve.
  • 40 mil PVC / 5 mil Teflon / 20 mil PVC for extra protection, combined with clarity and unmatched field of view.
  • Gas tight zipper closure, double storm flap, expanded back for SCBA, attached inner Barrier / outer Butyl dual glove system, attached sock booties, and boot flaps.
  • Suited for industrial, HazMat and domestic preparedness situations.
  • Extremely durable, puncture and tear resistant fabric.
  • Tested against more than 260 challenge chemicals. This includes WMD chemicals Lewisite, Mustard, Tabun, Sarin, Soman, and X.
 Totally encapsulated, vapor protective Level A.
Hazardous Material (HazMat) Support Equipment & Accessories
Fire Rescue & Fire ExtinguishersDecon Shower
  • Base dimensions: 5'x5' (1.52m x 1.52m)
  • Adjustable shower height: 6' to 8'6" (1.83m to 2.59m)
  • Replaceable 185-gallon (700-liter) capacity catch basin made from chemical-resistant Responder® material
  • Deluxe nylon case with wide webbing handles and full-length zipper
  • Portable and easy to put together
  • Greatly reduces the possibility of environmental contamination
  • Removable spray wand with adjustable shut-off valve and ergo-grip handle allows better control of water flow
  • Lightweight - complete kit: 25 lb. / 11.34 kg
Applications: field operations where one or more portable decontamination showers are needed; emergency hazmat response teams; large industrial sites where portability is a key factor in decontamination.
Fire Rescue & Fire ExtinguishersCoolGuard®
Cool-Guard® jacket offers state of the art cooling technology and is designed as a one-size fits all garment, for body types size SM-4X, with adjustable shoulder and side straps
Patented phase change material provides cooling for the wearer for several hours without discomfort
More efficient body cooling than ice due to less vasoconstriction.
Applications: Any application where heat stress may be a limiting factor in worker performance.
Fire Rescue & Fire ExtinguishersUniversal Pressure Test Kit
This new universal test kit is designed for periodic air pressure testing on all Level-A Suits, which are fully encapsulated.
This compact, lightweight kit is completely self contained, requiring no external air supply.
Pressure test kits are used to test Level-A Suits per the methods described in ASTM F 1054, "Practice for Pressure Testing of Totally Encapsulated Chemical Protective Suits" and EN464 "Leak-Tightness of Gas-Tight Suits (Internal Pressure Test)”.
Applications: All Level A, gas-tight suit applications.
Fire Extinguishers
Fire Rescue & Fire Extinguishers
Flammart-Monnex Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher
Fire Rescue & Fire ExtinguishersThe Flammart-Monnex Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher is the most effective dry powder extinguisher in the market for fast knockout of liquid fires, used by Oil and Gas majors globally, and use in places like airports, heliports, racetracks, fuel depots, petrol stations and any flammable liquid store where fast knockdown of flames is essential. One special characteristic of Flammart-Monnex Fire Extinguishers is that requires LESS powder-for-powder as compared to the other ABC Dry Powder Extinguisher available in the market. The high performance capability of Monnex allows for less powder to be used resulting in lighter extinguishers and/or in larger quantities, is able to fight and kill bigger fires.
Spill Containment Kits
Spill Containment KitsUniversal Sorbent Socks - General purpose absorbent sock is ideal for spill control, everyday maintenance and general operations. Use for absorbing both oil and water.
Spill Containment KitsOil-only Sorbent Socks - Designed to absorb oil and petroleum, without absorbing water and water based products. For controlling and cleaning up oil spills. Absorbs only oil and petroleum products, while repelling water.
Spill Containment KitsYellow Absorbent Hazmat Socks - HazMat absorbent socks are great for absorbing chemical spills including oil, water, acid, bases and many other fluids. Ideal for absorbing unknown spills. The HazMat Socks are yellow so they stand out.
Spill Containment KitsTeal-Sorb Super Absorbent – Designed to bring any liquid into its structure and lock it away. Capable of absorbing up to 7 times its own weight in liquid.
Spill Containment KitsSalvage Drums – Standard sizes are 14, 20, 30, 65 and 95 gallon. Handles Damaged or Leaking Containers of Hazardous Materials. Blow Molded HDPE Construction. UN Certified & DOT Compliant. FDA Approved
Grinding Kits & Wire Brushes
Grinding Disc
Grinding Disc and Wire BrushesSupplier of cutting & grinding disc for metal and masonry.
Vista also produce Iron-free cutting and grinding disc, i.e. resin bonded fiberglass reinforced abrasive wheels.
Vista now manufactures resin bonded fibreglass reinforced grinding wheels via technical knowhow agreement and license from PHILMUT SPEZIALMASCHINENBAU GMBH, GERMANY.
The Vista grinding wheels which is manufactured under exacting standards and meets tight safety compliance, has been approved by the Germany Grinding Wheel Committee (DSA Cert No. 3043).
Grinding Disc and Wire Brushes
Stringent Testing Protocols for Safety & Quality
BalanceTesting : Vista emphasize on very stringent control of their wheels balancing in order to ensure our customers' safety and production efficiency requirement.Efficiency Testing : Every production batch of grinding discs are tested to ensure the consistency of manufacturing quality free from defects.Strength Test or Bursting Speed Test : Vista Abrasive Sdn Bhd emphasize on safety, sampling strength test or bursting speed test has been done out of each production batch.
Grinding Disc and Wire BrushesGrinding Disc and Wire BrushesGrinding Disc and Wire Brushes
Wire & Poly Brushes for Cleaning, Stripping and Polishing
We supply a several configurations and types of power brushes which are ideal for heavyduty
It can be used in deburring, weld cleaning, weld prep, descaling, rust and paint removal,
pipeline fitting, wire stripping and many more.
We can also supply both the twist knot-style for heavy-duty brushing and crimped-style for
lighter applications.
Grinding Disc and Wire Brushes
Poly Brush
Grinding Disc and Wire BrushesPolybrush is made of Nylon impregnated with extra course Silicon
Carbide abrasive grain, a highly flexible disc alternative to wire
brush, hand scrapers and abrasive discs
Tough open web makes this prodct non-loading and cool-working,
no harm to the work piece, which is easy to clean
Its ideal for cleaning of rust, paint, coatings, welding blue,
adhesive, and epoxy of delicate surfaces.
Workshop Tools & Equipment
We carry a complete range of SATA workshop tools, equipment and accessories. Call us for a full range catalogue and price quote. All SATA tools and equipment are lifetime warranted.
Workshop Tools & Equipment
Non-Sparking Tools
We can provide a complete range of Non-Sparking, Non-Magnetic, Corrosion Resistant
Workshop Tools & Equipment
Gas & Radiation Detection Systems (Fixed & Portable)
Single Gas Portable Detection System
Sensors available: H2S, CO, O2, NH3, Cl2, ClO2, HCN, NO, NO2, PH3, SO2.
Intrinsically safe & explosion-proof enclosure for hazardous locations
Gas & Radiation Detection System (Fixed & Portable)
Multi Gas Portable Detection System
Gas & Radiation Detection System (Fixed & Portable)MultiRAE Plus
Features O2, LEL, PID, and any two plug-in “smart” toxic sensors: CO, H2S, SO2, NO, NO2, Cl2, HCN, NH3, PH3.
Intrinsically safe & explosion-proof enclosure for hazardous locations
Fixed Gas Detection System
Available sensors: CO, H2S, O2, SO2,LEL & IR.
Intrinsically safe & explosion-proof enclosure for hazardous locations
Gas & Radiation Detection System (Fixed & Portable)
Portable Photo Ionisation Detectors (PID) System
The patented sensor provides the following unique features:
A 3-second response time
Extended range up to 15,000 ppm with improved linearity
Humidity compensation with inbuilt humidity and temperature sensors
Real-time wireless data transmission
Measure more chemicals than any other PID
Intrinsically safe & explosion-proof enclosure for hazardous locations
Gas & Radiation Detection System (Fixed & Portable)
Compound Specific Detection System
For Petrochemical use
Extended range up to 10,000 ppm (in VOC mode) with improved linearity
Humidity compensation with built-in humidity sensor
Automatic temperature-controlled sampling time calculation
Detects benzene down to 50 ppb (0.05 ppm)
RAE Systems Correction Factors list for more than 200 compounds, measuring more compounds than any other PID
Intrinsically safe & explosion-proof enclosure for hazardous locations
Gas & Radiation Detection System (Fixed & Portable)
Portable Radiation Detection Systems
Sensitive CsI and LiI scintillators for excellent search capability and fast response
Prominent visible, audible and vibration alarms
Immersible in water for easy decontamination
Continuous digital readout in μR/h (μRem/h), μSv/h (μSieverts/h) and cps (counts per second) for gamma; cps (counts per second) for neutron radiation
Dust and shock resistant
Two AA Alkaline batteries last up to 600 hours
Large, 30,000-point datalog capacity, downloaded via cable-free Bluetooth® connection
Gas & Radiation Detection System (Fixed & Portable)
Area gas and radiation monitoring and detection system
Real-time wireless data transmission with built-in RF modem
View real-time sensor data and alarm status at headquarters or command center.
ProRAE Remote software simultaneously controls and displays and readings for up to eight remote detector
ISM band RF transmission with communication range up to 2/3 miles
Gas & Radiation Detection System (Fixed & Portable)
Life Saving Decision Support Tools
Gas & Radiation Detection System (Fixed & Portable)PlumeRAE Systems Rapid Deployment Kit
Releases of toxic materials present first responders with an immediate challenge – determining what actions need to be taken to protect nearby populations. They must answer a number of questions:
  • Where is the toxic plume headed, and in what concentration?
  • What areas need to be evacuated?
  • Who should shelter in place?
  • What roads should be closed?
How do we prioritize actions with limited resources available?
The PlumeRAE is a unique, turn-key solution that allows rapid monitoring and assessment of situations involving the release of hazardous substances and gives first responders information to make crucial decisions.
PLumeRAE Systems Rapid Deployment Kit consists of:
  • Four AreaRAE Wireless Detectors with GPS
  • ProRAE Remote Software preloaded in a PC
  • Complete package for charging
  • Carrying case for easy transportation
SAFER Systems powered Plume Measurement Software complete with GIS mapping data. Recommended to be linked with the WEATHERPAK® kit (a solid-state weather station monitoring wind speed, direction, temperature, solar radiation, and humidity)
The Life Shirt
Gas & Radiation Detection System (Fixed & Portable)The LifeShirt was created to meet the needs of first responders, HazMat workers & firefighters.
The LifeShirt chest strap embedded with sensors that continuously collect life sign information - breath rate, heart rate, activity, posture and skin temperature are all monitored by the sensors in the strap.
Using a RAELink2 Modem, it easily integrates into an AreaRAE Network for real-time remote monitoring and data collection at a remote command center, where a commander can simultaneously monitor multiple team members.
All of the collected data is stored and can be used for post-event analysis
Gas & Radiation Detection System (Fixed & Portable)HazRAE includes integrated response information for more than 96,000 chemical agents (TICs, TIMs, CW agents), biological agents (bio-weapon and bioterror agents), radioactive materials, and improvised explosive devices HazRAE’s materials database can be searched using traditional identifiers such as name, UN or CAS number.
HazRAE can also search for and identify unknown materials by physical properties, such as color and odor, or by the symptoms of victims of exposure. HazRAE Features More than 150 fields containing physical properties, material hazard categories, decontamination procedures, working allowances, reactivity & Acute Exposure Guidelines (AEGLs).
Safety Signage
Safety & Fire Luminescence Signages
Our principal are the world leaders in photo-luminescent technology and produces photo photo-luminescent fire and safety signage; and products of the highest quality. In compliance to the following standards:
  •  ISO 7010 : Graphical Symbols for safety colours and safety signs, for workplaces and public areas
  •  BS ISO 16069 : Graphical symbols for safety signs, safety wayguidance systems
  •  BS ISO 17398 : Safety colours and safety signs for classification, performance and durability of safety signs
  •  ISO 15370 : Ships and marine technology for low location lighting on passenger ships
  •  DIN 67 510 : Deutsche Normen Standard for test method for luminance performance
Safety Signage
Safety Signage
Safety Signage
OKO Malaysia
Punctures can be extremely expensive if you carry hazardous materials or are on a tight schedule. There’s a solution. OKO Tyre sealant seals puncture as they happen allowing your drivers to carry on with their job of delivering on time. OKO is available for a broad range of Commercial Mining and Agricultural vehicles.

OKO was the original effective tyre sealant when launched in the UK over 35 years ago, and thanks to a programme of continuous development and range extension since then, it remains the best. It continues to be manufactured in the UK from cutting-edge ingredients sourced from leading innovators in chemical development.

The OKO products has a track record of excellence based upon amassing a library of institutional research tests and tough real-world product trials.

Over 35 years of operation, no one has suffered any loss, damage or injury through the use of OKO products. Without doubt the use of OKO Tyre Sealants has given real benefits to society. OKO creates significant savings in TIME, TYRES, FUEL & MONEY. Furthermore, due to its unique ON Road technology that copes with punctures at speed, OKO has saved lives and enabled drivers who suffer punctures to overcome the normally-expected loss of handling. With the engagement of E-Response in road safety management, we are able to bring a world renowned product to Malaysia.

The discussion to fit OKO puncture free tyre sealants has to be base on real business case. An appointment over an hour with you will help us both gather the required information needed in fitting OKO tyre sealants into your fleets.

If you’re interested in finding out more about OKO tyre sealants and how it can reduce operational downtime, being on schedule in terms of delivery and also extending the tyre life span, please contact us via email at or call us at +60377257151.

OKO Product
OKO Product
OKO Product
OKO Product
OKO Product
FuelDefend Asia
Fueldefend’s NeckIt! anti-siphon device stops petty fuel theft in large Commercial vehicles which if unchecked in large fleets can be extremely expensive. They can be quickly fitted are secure and yet allow fast filling (without spillage) of large truck fuel tanks. For more information follow the link: FuelDefend Asia
A small electrical current not more than xx amps enters by the negatively charged anode, passes through water to the positively charged cathode, to produce Hydrogen and Oxygen.

The induction of Hydrogen to petrol and diesel engines increases the Octane and Cetane levels to improve combustion explosiveness, which improves torque and cleans out any buildup of carbon depoits.

Almost immediately after fitting you should notice an improvement to your vehicles performance. Smoother running and increased torque.

By the end of a month you will be ready for your validation test where you should expect to be achieving 20% fuel saving for a diesel and 40% for a petrol engined vehicle. This will be the same fuel consumption test carried out before your H2ID was fitted.

So you will be saving money and the Environment!
You will be reducing your greenhouse gases by 60%

Documented by Department of Environment

H2ID Benefits
Tried and Tested in Malaysia
  • up to 20% fuel saving - diesel
  • up to 40% fuel saving -petrol
  • up to 60% emission reduction
  • 3 years warranty

For more information, please contact us via email at or call us at +60377257151.